In June, Joanne Bénard, education director of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, committed to a review of St. Charles Catholic Elementary School’s dress code as a result of student activism. Bénard said the review would take place in fall 2017 — that’s now!

In addition to challenging the rules with her look, Tiffany said she put up posters on her locker that said: “We go to a school where the length of my shorts is more important than my education.”

Another one read: “My education is more important than what I wear.”

But the protest was short-lived.

Tiffany said she was sent to the school’s administrative office until her mom, Felicia Fahey, picked her up at noon.

“Since when is skin or the human body supposed to be a distraction? They’re [school] sexualizing the girls. Not the boys,” Fahey said.

“They’re making it an issue, and it’s just not right.”

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