The TDSB’s Young Women on the Move (YWM) initiative marked this week’s International Day of the Girl with an event designed to “remind girls that they are capable and should feel competent to enter any profession.”

Unfortunately, the headlines this week have been full of reminders of the barriers that young women encounter when they choose a profession — barriers like harassment and victim blaming.

YWM “empowers girls to be agents of positive change,” in part by proactively involving young women “in social justice activities.” The End Dress Codes collective exists because of young women who, on their own initiative, began social justice activities at their schools. We are profoundly grateful to them, and to everyone who endures despite the many, many barriers in the way. Take some time to take care of yourselves this weekend — and if that means dancing to Beyoncé, well, here’s her International Day of the Girl video!

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