Sadie Dupuis is Sad13. In Dupuis’ words, Sad13’s debut, Slugger, is an album of “Songs that put affirmative consent at the heart of the subject matter and emphasize friendship among women and try to deescalate the toxic jealousy and ownership that are often centered in romantic pop songs.” In Lindy West’s words, these are “Songs for women that actually champion women’s autonomy, reflect women’s desires, listen to women when they talk, and let women be funny and normal and cool.” In our words, ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥.

We especially  the closing track, “Coming Into Powers.” This is precisely what we want for students looking in the mirror in the morning, trying to decide what to wear:

Look at me
Looking back at me
Loving everything I see
. . .
I build the me I want

Dupuis’ band, Speedy Ortiz, plays in Toronto tomorrow night!

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