From the 2015-2016 student agenda (pages 32-33) — the most recent version of the agenda available online as of October 2017.

Dress Code:

In order to promote an orderly learning environment at A.Y. Jackson and in accordance with Ministry and Board Regulations, students are expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate for a school/professional environment.

The principal or designate shall determine the appropriateness of dress and appearance. The principal or designate will make the decision if a student’s appearance meets school and community standards. The principal’s decision on the appropriateness of dress is final.

In accordance with TDSB Equity policies, the school will accommodate students with regard to religious attire.

A student in violation of the dress code will be required to change into appropriate clothing before returning to class and may be subject to suspension for breaking school rules.

Students shall wear modest clothing of such style and design as shall be consistent with community standards. Sexually explicit or revealing clothing (for example, bikini tops or kinds of clothing usually worn at beaches or for recreational activities) are not appropriate apparel for school. Students may not wear bandanas. Students may wear shorts and skirts as long as they are of a modest length.

Students’ clothing shall be worn appropriately. Blouses, shirts, and sweaters are not to be low cut or so short as to expose the midriff: “Tops Meet Bottom”.

Appropriate gym attire, as determined by the Physical Education Department, is expected when students participate in gym classes.

Students shall keep their clothes, bodies, and hair clean and well groomed.

The Dress Code Policy applies to all events including field trips & dances.

Head Gear and Eye Wear:

For school safety and security reasons, hoods, hats, head coverings, (except those worn for recognized religious practice or for medical circumstances), bandanas, dark sunglasses or anything else that obscures identity are not to be worn in school. They must be removed immediately upon entering the school, and should be left in a locker or backpack until students leave the building.


Decorations, symbols, mottoes, or designs imprinted or attached to the body or clothing which are offensive to good taste or the maintenance of decorum, or which promote racism or hatred, or which advertise tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or which identify students as members of anti-social groups or gangs, shall not be worn to school or school functions.


Students shall wear shoes or sandals for foot protection and hygienic reasons while on school grounds or on school transportation.


Jewellery shall be worn in a way that does not present a safety or health hazard or cause a major disruption to the educational process.

Short straps for securing wallets are permitted. However, heavy long chains, dog collars and wristbands with spikes are not permitted under the regulations of the Safe Schools Policy. Any jewellery such as wristbands with sharpened spikes is classified as prohibited weapons, and students wearing these are subject to discipline.