From the 2015-2016 student agenda — the most recent version of the agenda available online as of October 2017.

Dress Code

  • Students are expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate for a school/professional environment.
  • Students are expected to wear clothing that they would wear in a workplace environment that respectfully covers their body.
  • Clothing that you would wear to a BBQ, beach, club, or party, is not appropriate for a school/professional environment. This includes, but is not limited to: undershirts, halter tops, tube tops and spaghetti-strap tops without a sweater or shirt cover-up. Undergarments should not be visible and tops must meet the waistband of pants or skirts all the way around the body.  
  • Clothing that promotes alcohol or drugs or contains offensive phrases is not allowed.  
  • Clothing that promotes or represents a gang affiliation is not allowed.  
  • Students who are wearing inappropriate clothing will be referred to the office. Students can expect to be required to change into appropriate clothing. Parents / guardians will be contacted and students will be sent home to change before returning to school.  

Ball caps, Hats, Hoods, Bandannas, Do rags, and Other Headgear

  • The school community honours individuals who wear headgear for religious purposes. This policy does not apply for headgear worn for religious purposes.  
  • Bandanas, do rags and any headgear that obstructs a person’s identity are not permitted.  
  • Teachers set the expectations for the classroom. Ball caps and hats are not appropriate in some classrooms as determined by the teacher. Students are expected to follow the classroom expectations as determined by each of their teachers.
  • Hats must be removed for the National Anthem.  
  • Hats are not permitted in the Main Office, auditorium, Library and Guidance office. 
  • Hats must be removed during formal examinations.