From the 2014-2015 student agenda — the most recent version of the agenda available online as of October 2017.

Dress Code

The Bloor Dress Code outlines what is considered appropriate attire for school. The aim of this code is to encourage students to develop a sense of pride and promote a respectful and safe learning and teaching environment.

To promote respect for oneself, staff and students are to dress appropriately. The manner of dress should be suitable for the casual workplace. Simply put, remember the 5 “B” rule….

  • No Briefs! No Bellies! No Behinds! No Breasts! No Bandanas!

Articles of clothing that display logos or slogans containing inappropriate language that does not comply with the TDSB Caring and Safe School policy are not permitted in the building.

Students are not permitted to wear bandanas, doo-rags, sweatbands, hats or hoods in the school. Religious headgear is exempt from this policy.

Consequences of Infractions

The student will be asked to remove the article, cover, or change the apparel or will have the article confiscated until the end of the school day.  

  • The student may be sent home to change his/her attire.  
  • Repeat offenders may face more serious consequences ranging from a detention to a suspension.