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Do you support revising TDSB Policy P042 (Appropriate Dress) so that it aligns with equity and human rights, and so that it incorporates greater opportunity for student voice in dress code development, review, and revision?

As a school board trustee and as a mother, I know it’s important that students be able to express themselves as individuals, in a caring and safe environment. To contribute to this environment, I support students coming to school in clothes that:

  • they feel comfortable in, with certain body parts be covered for all students, at all times;
  • enables them to participate in their school activities safely; and
  • do not display any offensive art, slogans, or logos.

These guidelines ensure that our students’ learning takes place in schools that demonstrate their commitment to equity and human rights. The current lack of a standardized dress code policy across the TDSB, and students are harmed when they are singled out by dress codes. To support our most vulnerable students we need to revise the dress code policy.