From the 2016-2017 student agenda (pages 21-22) — the most recent version of the agenda available online as of October 2017.


Students at Jarvis are required to maintain an acceptable standard of grooming and dress. Revealing clothing, and garments with inappropriate slogans are not acceptable. Spaghetti-strap, muscle, tube, tank, halter, and/or strapless tops are not permitted. Shirts must be long enough to be tucked in, pants should cover under clothing and shorts must be a suitable length for a school environment. Teachers will speak to students who are wearing inappropriate clothing and refer them to the administration. These students will be asked to either cover up, or will be sent home to change at the discretion of the Principal or Vice-Principal(s). Students must store their coats, bandanas, or other headgear in lockers or knapsacks. Hoodies are not to be worn inside the school. Religious headwear is exempted from this restriction.