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Do you support revising TDSB Policy P042 (Appropriate Dress) so that it aligns with equity and human rights, and so that it incorporates greater opportunity for student voice in dress code development, review, and revision?

Thanks for getting in touch with me regarding school dress code policies. To answer your question, yes, if elected, I would support reviewing and revising TDSB Policy 042. I think it’s a shame kids have worry about wearing tops with spaghetti straps among all the other worries and anxieties associated with high school and puberty. I’d be happy to work with you, other teachers, parents and, mostly importantly, students to make these policies are more equitable and fair.

I went to high school over at East York Collegiate Institute, which, as you likely know, has a uniform policy. Of course as a young man I wasn’t hassled too much about proper attire. I do remember, however, going to classes or the office and being chewed out for small things things like wearing the black dress pants I bought from Zellers and not the expensive navy blue dress pants from the school’s uniform shop. A colossal waste of time.