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Do you support revising TDSB Policy P042 (Appropriate Dress) so that it aligns with equity and human rights, and so that it incorporates greater opportunity for student voice in dress code development, review, and revision?

Yes! I listened to the stories of the students and staff who brought this to the Governance and Policy Committee’s attention. I was moved – and I was upset that clothing was being used to target, embarrass and shame students. As a member of the Committee I supported revising PO42 as quickly as possible to ensure it aligned with our commitments to equity, human rights, gender-based violence and all other policies to enable students to choose clothing that allows them to express themselves as they learn in caring and safe schools. And I have been supportive of schools moving quickly… for example, Northern Secondary School has a new draft Dress Code Policy with the simple basic principle that certain body parts must be covered for all students at all times. I look forward to this fall’s consultations.