From the school website, accessed October 2017.

Dress Code:
Students must dress in manner that is appropriate for school. Beach wear or night club clothing is not acceptable; e.g. tank tops, see through, low-cut clothing.  Pants need to be worn at the waist. No chains, studded or spiked items may be worn. Underwear must not be exposed.  Clothing displaying offensive language, rude slogans or inappropriate pictures is not allowed.  Any clothing that could be construed as gang-related is prohibited.  Outside jackets or coats are not allowed in the classroom.

TCI has a no-headgear policy. For safety reasons, students are required to remove all headgear (caps, bandanas, hoods, “do-rags” etc.) and sunglasses upon entry into the school building, Headgear that is worn for religious purposes is exempt from this policy.