Like last week’s Friday Jammer, Weaves performed at Toronto’s Venus Fest, a music festival “in the spirit of feminism.” In a profile leading up to the performance, Jasmyn Burke talked about the power of hair.

After performing with her band Weaves in New York last year, lead singer Jasmyn Burke found herself surrounded by a cluster of fans resembling mini versions of herself.

“I had all these girls with ’fros coming up to me and saying, ‘You look like me and [now] I feel like I can make music,’’ Burke says. “That’s where I felt a switch. I’m not just making music for myself any more.”

She also discussed the thinking behind “Scream.”

Scream, which Burke wrote during the American presidential election, is about how as a Black woman, she’s trying to make sense of the world as it unhinges.

“I was thinking about being a woman of colour and how people might perceive me without knowing me,” she says. “Sometimes in your head you’re like, ‘I’m just like everyone else’ and then through your life, you have people say dumb things and you realize, oh, some people might hate me because I’m Black, and that’s bullshit.”

Burke’s joined on the song by the incomparable Tanya Tagaq, whose earth-shattering throat singing helps propel the song into a feminist anthem as Burke sings, “My thighs are too big, my head isn’t small, my brain is on fire, I’m feeling this fall.”

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