The bad news is, students are missing class because of discriminatory codes. The good news is, students are fighting back, every day.

They read their schools’ codes critically. They ask school staff to explain the principles behind their codes. They analyze their codes for school assignments. They put up posters, they start petitions. They conduct unsanctioned social experiments. They stage protests. And they’ve been doing it for decades. Sometimes their resistance makes headlines; sometimes it only lasts as long as a snap.

The bad news is, students could be doing other things with their time — they could be working on other social justice issues, or socializing, or practicing self-care, or doing homework. The good news is, their activism is creative and beautiful and inspiring! We want to archive as much of it as possible. Keep an eye on this page, and please get in touch if you can contribute.

Crop Top Day

Etobicoke School of the Arts and elsewhere
May 2015